Hair Loss Treatment

Treatment Hair Loss

In the header of every human being about one hundred thousand hair and every hair of this huge amount grow and fall in the timing of certain of its own ... Not linked to the presence of thousands, and so the rest of the hair falls, and at the same time, hair grows another - and always crowned head of a sufficient number of hair .. Valros always full of hair - and 90% of the hair is growing on a regular basis and the remainder, it remains in the sleep period ends either its fall as a result of the growth of hair Osagotha ​​automatically replaced by another

On average, falling from the hair of the head hair fiftieth day, the amount is significant for the huge amount in the header

Beauty tips for your hair

1 - Hair beauty, but not Benahumich Bnzafth and shine, health and styling the hair so it needs to careful attention to maintain Vagsleyh once a week in winter and twice in summer.2 - Use shampoo to wash your hair, of a kind The good the bad use of shampoo may cause injury to the hair dry

3 - Use natural oils for your hair such as coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil, olive oil, which is very handy. We must make sure of the quality of these oils and purchase it from places that reliable and that the large number of fraud where the victim and the hair is - and stay away from mineral oils, just like petroleum jelly and paraffin oil because these oils are harmful to the skin of the ocean Balharh
.4 - When you comb your hair is wet use a wide tooth comb and hair wet because the pulsing quickly if the use of a narrow tooth comb and it must avoid combing hair violently without (entertain) the hair first, because that leads to the removal of hair or Besiltha lead to cutting hair

5 - massage the scalp from time to time (every day or every other day) and by placing the fingers tightly on the scalp and move a circular motion, noting the use of the fingertips (not nails) and then move the fingers from place to place in order to ensure massage the scalp are then do combed Hair brushing and this process is very very useful to activate blood circulation in the scalp and stimulate hair follicles, leading to strengthened.
Hair typesThree types of hair and all kind of these three types Ajtaj attention to its own

A - dry hair:This type of hair looks without luster or vitality, and this drought by the danger of being bombed constant may be a drought due to poor activity of the sebaceous glands in the scalp or it may be to external causes harm to the hair such as the frequent use of chemicals burning of the hair in the form of pigments and other or to use Alciecoar and irons This leads to bad results for the hair.
Ways of taking care of him
:Can be done weekly bath oil (castor oil - or olive oil - or corn oil) * interest aspect of food, especially proteins.
Avoids the use of water and soap Alchkhona very bad, but uses oily soap or shampoo is good and should be investigated very well what kind of shampoo if you were used.
Must pomade natural oil from the outside for easy cut and not combed.
B - greasy hair:
Shows the greasy hair of the scalp is oily, which secrete an excessive amount of fat due to increased activity of sebaceous glands than usual.
The problems of this kind of poetry that he is being accompanied by the dirty quickly peel the hair is in need of attention constantly.
Method of taking care of him:
1 - Reduce the foods that increase the secretion of a fat foods and spicy condiments, spices, chocolate and hot drinks too.
2 - the higher the fat content in the hair must be washed well and then rinse it several times and can be added to the rinse water drops of lemon or vinegar it helps to the disappearance of fat.
C - normal hair:
Which is the hair that it is a moderate percentage of fat is not felt by the manifestations of dry hair and oily hair is the hair center and there is no problems with it.
Causes of hair loss
1 - nervous tension psychological: so you must dimension, it has been said that good food + calm nerves = hair properly.2 - Lack of blood circulation in the scalp due to comb the hair for long periods of time and lack of exposure to outdoor air clean - taking into account the invisibility of the people.3 - Kalonemia incidence of certain diseases and nutritional deficiencies.4 - Use a hair dryer or iron for long periods and under high temperature.
5 - severe diet "diet" without the supervision of one of the doctors, this is a major cause of hair loss in abundance.
6 - incidence of certain skin diseases and fungal infections Kaltalbh God forgives all Muslims and Muslim women from these diseases.
7 - height of body temperature and fever such as typhoid fever, and God forbid it after hypothermia begins to normal hair loss clearly.
8 - a surgical procedure can lead to hair loss, especially if there is general anesthesia.
9 - For women, pregnancy and birth of the most important factors that lead to hair loss temporarily but soon things are back to normal
.10 - are taking certain medications that cause increased liquidity and lower blood cholesterol.
The correct treatment for hair loss treatment is the reason that led fall of the hair itself is not a satisfactory result, but one particular reason or signs of some diseases.Some recipes for hair treatment
1 - avoid all causes of hair loss first.2 - Scalp Massage warm castor oil a day.3 - Drinking molasses, milk, beer yeast is useful in preventing hair loss.4 - crab, shrimp and mother Alkhlol of the most powerful tonic for the hair roots and prevents hair loss.5 - Massage the scalp with olive oil pure evening for a week and cover the head at night and wash in the morning
.And other herbal prescription to treat hair lossWork dough from flour in the black bean juice watercress with vinegar diluted spoon and a cup of olive oil and massage the head that day in the evening, wash with warm water a day head

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