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The difference between cupping and blood donation
Blood donation: is the blood in the veins and arteries, which is passing through the brain, heart, and all members, and is the basis of the immune system and blood circulation
Blood cupping: is the blood stagnant under the skin and moves with the blood circulation, which is a filter for blood, with the liver and spleen are based on the renewal of the blood, but of the many blends exotic, they accumulate under the skin in the blood cupping, what the owner but is directed every few months , before leaving the blends filled with harmful in the blood upon which the main body, thereby creating a weak immune system, which makes the gallery owner to disease.

Blood donation: A graduate of red blood cells healthy.
Blood cupping: Graduated aging red blood cells.

Donating blood: white blood cells out 100% with blood donation.

The work of cupping: graduated only 15% or less, because the main focus in the blood, and thus strengthens the immune system.

Blood donation: iron out with 100% donation.

Cupping work: do not come out and bringing the iron and hemoglobin.
Blood donation: do not appear because the analysis because when doctors carried out through the main veins of blood.

Work Cupping: Cupping is filled with blood Balokhalat and harmful deposits that did not find her doctors ever seen when the blood tests.

Blood donation: When you donate blood a better person out of his body, the full characteristics.
Cupping work: the blood comes out worse, and after a short period offset by the best blood.
Whatever the person out of his body's blood donation, it does not move from the blood cupping thing.

Cupping donate to the same person, how so???

If in the body of every human blood healthy wholesome, and the blood is bad is harmful, then why go out of his body blood useful, and leave the bad, but if the cupping, remove blood with mixtures and sediments harmful, is up after this replacement process directly from the veins to the sites for cupping through the arteries and capillaries blood, then so be donated person for himself, and this blood is ready to receive the mixture of new were present in the blood the main did not find her way out, and are only a few days Fikoy the immune system, strengthens blood circulation, increase hemoglobin, and increase the percentage of iron, and active lymph glands, There is nothing wrong that I donate to save a Muslim, but to be donated under the pretext of my health does not, the P j cupping what's reflected on the donation.


Dangers of slimming drugs

Therapeutic nutrition expert (Abdullah Al Mutawa) shows the dangers of slimming drugs and reveals his secrets Fund

Working to cut the connection between the stomach and nerves of the mind through the body over time and for a period not large between the two or three months leading to the loss of 10% of the memory in the future, with many of the immediate symptoms Kalsaddaawalgthian

Is the center of controversy among the people, but the right is that this drug is safe for the use of light such as taking one pill a week, for example, the real actions of people from eating 2-3 a day may lead to cancer of the stomach and diarrhea lasting
Beware Atkins

It leads to:

* Osteoporosis.
* HIV.
* High cholesterol and triglycerides.
Frequent follow the accursed
Leading to weight stabilization immunity


Moderation in eating and before leaving the feeling of satiety

Application of a modern prophet peace be upon him {one-third of your food and a third for drink and one third for yourself!

What this means to get up from the meal and you have the desire to eat the summits or 3 bits to increase

Blood group diet

Does not have any basis of health and nutrition organizations have proven that the global

Green Tea

Between meals, excellent for the descent of the weight and force magic, drink 3 cups per day provided that between meals and not after the meal directly (hour or half hour at least) they shall not be relied upon alone, many say'll drink green tea and eat on the adapted and this is wrong Beware of falling into the .

Royal Tea

Cause diarrhea and lead to continuous muscle relaxation of the stomach, constipation and affects a person after he left.


The most common rumors fit on carcinogens and this is a mistake, the biggest proof of this is that cornflakes eaten dozens of years and there was no effect on them.

Drinking water

A lot of drinking water reduces hair loss.

The secret of undescended weight

Not feeling hungry is the secret of undescended weight will not come down unless you feel

hungry, whenever I felt hungry, remember:

1 - you are on track.
2 - The moment you feel the hunger which burns fat.
Cutting and dinner
Not to cut the evening meal, and reduced it by cutting carbohydrates with attention to him not to cut carbohydrates throughout the day.

The best time to exercise

All times are appropriate but should be taken not to exercise directly after eating to give birth to poor digestion resulting from the flow of blood in the large bowel, and the best time is pre-eating one hour only burns fat is stored directly.

Drinking water and rumen

There is a rumor that drinking water is a lot more weight, but he was right: -
If you drink during the meal leads to swelling of the abdomen during the meal and this leads to the payment of the stomach to receive more food, my advice is to drink water between meals and reduce it with the meal.

Obesity and back pain centered Alzenod
Exercise Alzenod: Move your hands back and forth a complete cycle, such as vortex ten minutes to ten minutes forward and back every day, it would pull the slack in hand with the work of the entire exercise Juasr light and avoid carrying heavy weights

China to increase grain weight

Beware of them are harmful, dangerous and illegal, and because many of Mato
Including erectile dysfunction pills (Satipo) true Yabu Saud


Information strange and exotic and modern

The right lung in humans absorb a quantity of air more than the amount absorbed by the left lung, and the reason for this is the presence of heart down the left lung
The body of an adult of about a hundred trillion cells
Human beings are born without the bones that cover the knees do not show these two bones only between two and six years of age

If you put the headphones to the ear for a period of one hour, this will lead to a doubling of the bacteria inside your ears at a rate 700 times

Caused by house flies in the transfer of about 30 different infectious diseases to humans
Statistics indicate that about a third of the world's population can not Akerkawa joints of the fingers

Do not try to conceal Sneezes in you because it may lead to a mosaic of a blood vessel in your head or neck, which may in turn lead to death in some cases
Index finger is the most sensitive between the fingers of a human hand
Human hair and nails were composed of the same article and know that article as 'keratin'
When the dolphin sleeps, half of his brain takes in her sleep while the other half remains awake, and one of his eyes closed while the other remains open
Filamingo birds can not eat unless his head was upside down
Ant that you can dive under water for two weeks, without dissociation of life
If awarded to a male and female flies to reproduce a full year without dying anything from their offspring, the size of the resulting flies will the volume of the Earth
Cobra poison is very strong to the point that it touches some time to get a fainting spell sharp
When the gorilla out her tongue from her mouth, it means they are very angry
The elephant is the only animal that has 4 installed
Used penguins yawns as part of the ritual of spinning in the mating season

... Read your brain ...

If you have an exam the next day, was reviewed before going to sleep .. Why??
Because the process of memory consolidation occurs during sleep, anything you read right before bed long-term memory encodes
Candy Himgartner, trained life sciences at the University of Idaho
... Itching or tickle in the throat ...
If the injury from the itching or tickling in the throat, rub your ear .. Why??
There are stimulating nerves in the ear, and when the work Alozntqom Knit reaction in the throat can cause
Muscle spasm, the spasm relieves itching Almzaajho Tickle
Dr. Scott Shaffer, president of the ear, nose and Alhngerhfa New Jersey

... Do not feel pain ...

Are you afraid of the injection? It is not afraid of them .. but now you can get rid of the fear and pain together by coughing during Akhmalhakna, where researchers have discovered that the Germans cough during injection reduces the pain because the cough Espbartvaa temporary sudden pressure in the chest and spinal canal and prevents the installation of Agraouatalcaour pain in the spinal cord
Taras Aozhenko, author of the study of the phenomenon


... Relieve nasal congestion ...

Do you suffer from nasal congestion Almzmnolm served with you medicines, Alec way cheaper, faster and easier to Tkhvavmn pressure pockets, Push your tongue against the roof of your mouth alternately, and then press between your eyebrows one finger, this causes the shaking greatness Fumr that pass through the nasal passages to the mouth, and these shocks cause movement of congestion, after 20 seconds you will feel that the tension start to unravel
Are not the Reds in turmoil, an assistant professor in the College of Mischganagamaah


... Struggled burning without water ...

Do you bother burning when you sleep, the solution easier, studies have shown that sleep on the left side reduces the burning sensation, which is linked to the esophagus and stomach compass in the corner, when you sleep Alyahlmyn become the stomach is higher than the esophagus, allowing food and acid to leak Almreolhalq, while when you sleep on the left side becomes lower than the stomach Almreohecma becoming gravity to your advantage
Anthony Starbula, specialist diseases of the stomach and intestine and Ostazmsaad in the New York Medical College


... Treated toothache without opening your mouth ...

Why not try rubbing an ice cube on the soles of your hand, the membrane area in the form of V between your thumb and index finger .. Why?? Because there are no corridors Aloasabalte stimulate the brain and prevent the pain signals issued from the face and hands
Canadian study


... Get rid of the effects of burns ...

When accidentally burn your finger on the gas oven, clean the skin and press lightly on the place of burning fingers other hand, the snow will ease Olmekpsrah larger, but the natural way will re-burned skin to normal temperature, the skin becomes less distorted
Are not the Reds in turmoil, an assistant professor in the University of Michigan Klaholaah


... So do not get dizzy ...

Put your hand on something stable because the hand Thtoaaly nerves give brain handle that you are balanced, unlike the signal sent by the cochlea, part responsible for the balance in the ear, floating part responsible for the balance in the Saúlmn the same density of blood, while reducing alcohol blood becomes less dense and Tertfalqoukah causing dizziness
Dr. Scott Shaffer, head, nose and Mrkzalozn Alhngerhfa New Jersey


... Eased the pain tingling in your right side ...

Do you feel tingling painful when running, this is because you come out the air 'breathe' while hitting your right foot the ground, putting pressure on your liver (located on the right side of the body), and cause Shada of the diaphragm, which Earsloharh tingling side, simply teach the breathe out when it hits your left foot Earth
Book of Home Remedies for Men


... Stopped the bleeding from the nose ...
Close the nose and behind the back of the head, of course, if you want to choke your blood, and the way they put the right upper Alylttk cotton which is located below the nose and press it strongly .. Why?? Comes more bleeding from the front barrier, the cartilage wall that divides the nose, and pressure it to stop bleeding
Peter Desmar specialist Oznoanv and Hngerhfa Aantapin Hospital, in Durban, South Africa


... Mark your heart stops ...

Do you want to calm your heart? Blow on your thumb .. Why??
Can control the Vagos nerve, which controls heart rate through breathing, Ndatqbak rate will be restored to normal

Ben-Abu, specialist services Tarifa Medicine University of Pittsburgh


... Keep your eyes ...

Visually poor due to hereditary, but Alastamalalkhati of the eyes also cause visual impairment, such as stare continuous computer screens, and to alleviate this problem, you can do this exercise simple, after all the hours then take Nevsamiq and close your eyes, and then blow the air and relax all your muscles, repeat this exercise and Scharbon pressure on eyes has subsided


... Get rid of the wren ...
If you feel that your hand or your foot Nmnmt, move your head from side to side, feeling of pins will be removed painlessly in less than a minute .. Why?? Pass the nerves in the neck main package, if you move your neck muscles will be less pressure on the nerves
Are not the Reds in turmoil, an assistant professor in the College of Mischganagamaah


... Scuba ...

If you want to dive quickly to the bottom of the pool, take your inspiration and exhalation fast then jump .. Why??

When you are underwater, you do not Taanimn lack of oxygen but increased carbon dioxide, which makes your blood acidic, and this sends a signal to your brain that something is not true, 'when the chase, down the flow of oxygen Hmoudhdm This fool your brain to think that he has more oxygen, which will provide you 10 seconds under the water
Jonathan Armbrstr, Ph.D., professor of Mcharkva Biology at the University of Auburn

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