Treatment of depression defined the term scientific

Depression is a combination of feelings of sadness, loneliness, feeling rejected by others, and a sense of helplessness and inability to face life's problems. As defined by the U.S. Institute of Mental Health, depression is a

:"Defect in the rest of the body including the body and thoughts, mood, and affect the look of the man himself and the people around him and what happens from the events so that the patient loses poise of physical, psychological and emotional

."In the opinion of mental health experts, the symptoms and manifestations of the following indicate the presence of depressive illness

:· A feeling of permanent sadness, anxiety and irritable.· Loss of interest and a sense of pleasure in activities beloved of the same.· A sense of pessimism and permanent helplessness in the face of life's problems.· Feelings of guilt, and lack of value and importance in society.· Inability to show or accept the emotions of others, and others.· Sleep problems such as insomnia or sleep for long hours, or waking up early.· Problems in eating (anorexia redundant, interruption of appetite).· Chronic physical pain that does not work with her treatment. 
· To cry a lot.· Speed ​​jittering and hyperactivity and inability to calm and relax.· Permanent fatigue and the inability to exert physical effort.· Lack of ability to concentrate, remember, and take the right decisions.• In severe cases of depression generates the actual thinking of suicide or attempted suicide.In the opinion of mental health experts, the person covered by four or more symptoms of depression for a period of more than two weeks, the person is suffering from major depressive illness.

Causes of Depression
:Depression disease occur suddenly and without warning or symptoms in some cases. In the opinion of mental health experts, some individuals may be vulnerable in terms of biology of the disease while others develop depression due to environmental factors, psychological or both. Regardless of the cause of the disease, the mental health experts or mental health tend to believe that the cause of diversity of the disease lies in an imbalance in the concentration of neurotransmitters in the brain but there is no answer to the question say whether the changes of chemical biological weapons is a cause or a result of a psychological stress experienced by the patient

 .In any case, regardless of the true cause of disease, depression, the mental health experts agree on the existence of risk factors that make individuals who have these factors (or some) more likely than others to the disease, and these factors are
:Spread of the disease in the familyAccording to statistics natural state, about two thirds of people with depression have family members or relatives had the disease.Age

Age of youth and adolescence, which is supposed to be the happiest times of rights have become the opinion of mental health experts from the most miserable periods of life when a lot of youth and adolescents in the modern era, where they tend to express their feelings internal to the requirements of modern society and problems of the many by showing the feelings of anger and rebellion or escape from home or alcoholism, drugs or show aggressive behavior, whether at home or school or work, in fact, according to mental health experts, the failure to deal with cases of depression in adolescents carries with it the risk of the feet of patients to commit suicide, and evidence is increasing the suicide rate for more than three items between groups of adolescents and young adults and both sexes, according to U.S. statistics.Psychological problems and the pressures of large

Problems of modern life different, such as loss of parents and loved ones of sudden or family problems, family and marriage and divorce and the breakdown of the principles and moral values ​​in modern societies as well as poverty and the inability to provide ways and means of living in modern societies, is a collection of stress daily experienced by human societies modern, all the problems and psychological stress leads to depression of a psychological reaction to these problems
.Incidence of serious and chronic diseases
:Depression may occur to some who have a disease caused harm psychologically or physically or both of the patient, such as epilepsy, head injuries fibrous shape, stroke, heart attack or stroke, cancer and even obesity.The Athaddam some tranquilizers Barbiturates or steroids or treatment with any drugs or other drugs continuously for a long time, may lead to a depression in some people with these diseases.Addiction to alcohol and drugs

According to medical statistics, the incidence of depression among alcoholics and drug abuse is more widespread compared to individuals who are abusing alcohol or drugs at all or use them for extended periods are few and far between. At the same time, according to Medical Statistics, the depressed patients more frequently used alcohol and drugs than non-depressed patients.Gender

Females according to statistics of the American Medical gestational disease, severe depression twice as compared to males, while cases of mild depression increases by age of 5-6 times higher among females than males. In the opinion of an expert of psychology at Stanford University Susan Axima the cause of the severe depression to feelings of sadness in a way leading to the surrender to the feelings of grief and allow them to control total on the feelings of other human, and thus falling into the cycle of grief lasting and deep in contrast to males who can forget the sadness in one way or the other .

Types of Depression

There are degrees and types of depression are as follows:1 - chronic depression light: a case of depression are distressed in the mood of the person or perhaps the case of turbidity in the mood of the individual leads for ease of jittering and nervousness as is the case with adolescents and children who develop depression, and continues this mood in these most of the day, most days of the week for a period of more than for the two on the same pace.Patients with mild depression who can carry out their daily routines, but less efficiently and effectively (as measured by their abilities regular
).Symptoms of mild depression:Manifestations of mild depression include:- Loss of appetite or increased binge-eat.- Insomnia or sleep very long.- Permanent fatigue and stress.- Loss of ability to concentrate and make decisions.- The feeling of importance in the community.- The feeling of powerlessness and helplessness.According to mental health experts, the mild depression can be turned into a major depression or other mental health problems such as extreme fear of obesity or addiction to alcohol and drugs
.Even mild depression can sometimes appear a little differently, in which case the disease is called scientifically as Cyclothymia, and the occurrence of this type is characterized by cycles of depression and mild cases of sudden increase in activity and vitality and a sense of strength and self-admiration and Flaunt.

 - severe depression:The most outstanding features and characteristics of major depression is the feeling of the patient Ptekr and full deflection in the mood for the worse so that the patient loses any sense of or interest in things and hobbies, which was usually fun and interesting and exciting the interest of the patient.As stated above - and the opinion of mental health experts - the people with severe depression, they appear at least four specifications and characteristics of the symptoms and appearances which indicate the presence of depression as I have already mentioned at the beginning of the article
3 - Seasonal depression: feeling lazy and irritable, loss of desire and interest in the work and the opposite sex as well as the demand is not normal to eat sweets and fatty foods and sugars are the main symptoms and manifestations of depression or seasonal winter.

Ways to treat depression:Mental health experts say that about 90% of cases of depression can be cured if the patient's request and went for medical help, and the time required for a recovery of between three to six months of medical treatment
.At the same time, not to request medical help lead to the persistence of depression.As more medical means used in the treatment of depression are:- Psychotherapy.- Treatment with medicines and drugs.The following is an explanation of both of two ways:Psychotherapy
:The goal of psychotherapy is to try to treat the roots or the main causes of depression, and the means used to alleviate this goal include
:- Educate myself to the patient is through teaching the patient to identify the disease and change his point of view the negative of individuals towards themselves and towards others and society, and usually are educated through special sessions for the processor with the patient about 12-20 session during 12-16 weeks, and the way the meetings are called short-term structured cognitive thearpy- A way or another method called the way the promotion of social relations with others. In this method, is recognized as the patient's social relationships with others and ways to increase and improve the bonds of this relationship as it is in the eyes of many psychologists, the severe depression caused by the deprivation of opportunities to receive positive social support for a long time.Drug therapy and medicine

:Drugs used to treat depression is the so-called antiretroviral drugs for depression and that will restore balance to a chemical blood in terms of volume concentration of neurotransmitters in the brain, and that all drugs and anti-depressants cause symptoms and side effects and need for more than a few weeks to show positive effects in treatment of the disease, and that drugs and antidepressants used to treat other psychiatric illnesses such as anxiety and stress and diseases of panic and panic and sudden illnesses in addition to acquisition of psychological behavior
.In the opinion of the American Foundation for Mental Health, the psychotherapy and drug therapy both effective means in the treatment of depression, but the use of a combination of both may be more efficient and effective in treating the disease.Light therapy: used successfully in the treatment of seasonal depression, and the wizard to expose the patient to daily sessions for several hours in front of neon light, or any type of lights that are similar to sunlight
God away from us and you, depression

Quran addresses to protect against depression
Because 99% of those who suffer from this disease for Aahafezon to pray in congregation in the mosque
Also find them abandon the Holy Quran
As well as running out of depression is not afraid of God and not a slave of sinSuch as drugsAnd wineAlso accompanied by exhausting himself Bsar nights in the waste of timeThis is the reality of experience
:I slept three or four in the morning Mtakhro go to work eight or eight and a half and I am surprised the staff of Old Esolvon of the morning .. How do I tell them the same morning of the AlsulfAnd laughing inside my head I feel Sulfhm Aasahsah and longer hours per
And tried again and I advise you try it outIt i sleep early at 11Then I wake up with ears and pray Fajr, then go to work eight Mpsot clock and my conscience is satisfied with the prayer in the mosque .. and active in my workTry this method and you'll see for yourself ..
Of course has to be hope for your logo after depending on GodAnd optimismAnd good mannersAnd the formation of good relationships and friendships are set out on the basis of goodness and goodwill
Finally obedience to God and avoid the prohibitions is the key to the good and the treatment of depression and prevention

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Depression is a combination of feelings of sadness, loneliness, feeling rejected by others, and a sense of helplessness and inability to face life's problems. As defined by the U.S. Institute of Mental Health, depression is a

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