Treatment of headaches with water

Treatment of migraine and treatment with water


Treatment of depression defined the term scientific


 Scientists confirm that the most prevalent diseases are diseases of young people between the headaches, which may leave them without warning or obvious reasons. And classifies the reasons for doctors to organic causes headaches caused by disease or injury to the membership, and the reasons for non-organic.Organic causes of headache

:• high blood pressure.• eye disorders: sore conjunctivitis, myopia, inflammation of the nerves of the eye.• inflammation of the middle ear.• inflammation of the sinuses.• dental problems.• fever.• colds and flu.  
• disorders of sugar in the blood (high and low blood sugar).The reasons for non-organic headaches

:Produces mostly due to psychological reasons, emotional, or the result of disorder in the functions of some members of the body (Kalmkh and circulatory disorders), or a change in some of the patterns of daily life (such as changing sleep schedules), and may be genetically engineered (especially migraines), and are considered noise and civic life accelerated direct cause of repeated episodes of headache

.Other reasons

• strong smells.• lack of sleep or abundance.• Some types of foods and spices.• Almaji change in temperature.If you suffer from headache to avoid the following:• sit in a noisy place lighting.• sitting in front of the TV or computer.• talk for a long time on the mobile phone.• reading.• Eat cheese yellow.• Eat chocolate ..

Smoking. • Eat citrus juice, and soft drinks. It has been proven they increase the severity of headaches twice. 

   How to overcome headaches
 The atypical antipsychotic medication is not the best solution to overcome the headache, as there are more effective ways to conquer headaches, most notably the following
:• stretch and relax in a place under dim light and good ventilation.• Pressure on the temples (the area adjacent to the eye) and Tdenma fingertips lightly in a circular motion.• put cold compresses on the temples.

• Drink a cup of coffee sweetened with sugar at the beginning of pain.• Take a cool bath to restore the balance of the circulatory system.

• intake of fluids.

We must not underestimate the heart headache which has a negative effect on the behavior of individuals, arguing that social workers that the killings of others planned, committed by the owner as a result of tension resulting from the headaches, and accidents are more likely to occur if the driver was suffering from a headache, they add that the headache is inherited inactivity and lack of production capacity and innovation

.The Japan Federation of Diseases published the following experiment for water treatmentReaching successful results as reported by the 100% for the diseases of old and modernThe following

Headaches, blood pressure, anemia (anemia), gout, paralysis and palpitationHeartEpilepsy and obesityCough, sore throat, asthma and tuberculosisMeningitis and any other illness related to urinary tractHyper acidity and gastritis, dysentery and constipationAny illness related to eye and ear and throatMenstrual irregularities in womenMethod of treatment: -

I wake up early every morning and eating (4) cups of water each with a capacity (160 mm) on the stomachEmpty, or about two (2) cup and a half large water

Does not address any type of food or fluids before the lapse of 45 minutesDo not take any food or drink during the hours following

For each meal - breakfast, lunch, dinner

May face difficulty, the elderly patients at the beginning drinking (4) cups of water at one timeSo they can eat less so that the work to gradually increase the quantity

To be able to drink the quantity proposed within a short period of time

Have demonstrated the results of treatment with water recovery from the following diseases in the period set out with

Each of them:

30 days of diabetesHigh blood pressure 30 daysStomach problems 10 daysShahu cancer 9TB 6 monthsConstipation 10 days

Should be on those who complain of arthritis to repeat the experiment 3 times dailyIn the first week

Then Ikhvvouna to time in one in the morning has tended in the first few daysTo urinate more than usual but

Would not it have any side effects

Please spread this message to as many as possible in order to benefit from this treatmentTried .. Nkhsroa something you will not .. In the end .. It is water

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