What is oil?

Oil or petroleum and is also called crude oil, a thick liquid, flammable, dark brown or greenish brown, there is in the upper crust.

The oil consists of a complex mixture of hydrocarbons, especially of a series of alkanes precious chemically, but different in appearance, composition and purity strongly by place of extraction. It is a source of primary energy sources in accordance important for energy statistics in the world.

But the world burn and exploited in the production of electricity and run factories and move the car and enjoy the luxury of movement in the production of electrical energy that can generate other ways to provide human burn this black gold values ​​chemically. Oil is the raw material for many chemical products, including fertilizers, pesticides, plastics and many of the tools and chips and plastic pipes and fabrics, nylon, artificial silk and leather and synthetic drugs.

Largest consumer of oil in the world where the United States alone consumes about a quarter of world production is estimated at 80 million barrels per day. It consumes 4% of the population of the occupied 25% of global oil production (for the American TIME magazine, the June, 2011).

According to the curve of U.S. production until 2005, has transgressed the absolute peak in 1975, reaching 5 and 9 million barrels a day, and since that date falls gradually until it reached 4-5 million barrels per day in 2005. We can say today that America depends on oil imports by 75% is sufficient for the needs of 21 million barrels per day (compare U.S. production in the theory of Hubert summit).

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