Your health in winter

In winter increase the appearance of some health problems, especially with regard to upper respiratory tract infections and lower, especially in children and the elderly. The respiratory system only in the human body that connects to the constant contact with the external environment through the processes of inhalation and exhalation, so it was the respiratory tract of most organs of the body vulnerable to infections of viral and bacterial but not the privileges defense created by God along the respiratory tract have been able to these infections influence severe respiratory health and threaten the entire human life, for example, we see that the stateless persons or impaired these defenses, such as AIDS, tuberculosis and malnutrition are more prone to severe respiratory bacterial infections and their complications.

Almighty God created the respiratory group of the immune defenses and self by which Our respiratory system is full of the overcoming of these infections and thus a full recovery, God willing and the defenses of the following:

Sneezing: a vigilant guard to expel any foreign material into the nose.

Nose hairs: It works like sieve or filter that traps dust particles entering with the air.

Mucus and meanders nose and stick to the dust, dirt and bacteria that have entered the twelve breathing.

Cough: a guard and constantly alert to the trachea to expel any foreign material such as bacteria or viruses.

Cilia motion: and there along the trachea and moving in one direction from the bottom to the top to expel foreign objects.

Cells of the immune system: There are a large number of them along the lining of the respiratory function and attack viruses and bacteria.
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Your health in winter

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