Is there oil in 2050?

The current pace of consumption, estimated at 3.5 billion tons a year working on the depletion of most of the oil wells in the world except for Arab countries is expected to produce oil as in the case of Kuwait until the year 2100.

But it is also clear that the depletion of oil in many countries like the United States, Scotland and Norway during the twenty or thirty years to come will increase conflict industrialized nations singled Bpetrol the Middle East.

It will struggle on the high oil prices, which would only producers promise that the conflict may result in the same time to the political and social disturbance in those countries due to foreign intervention.

It is really a great loss for people to consume what one born in the earth over hundreds of millions of years, ignite and burn the resulting values.

Valpetrol primarily a chemical is very useful, can be converted to other materials valuable and useful, such as fertilizers and pharmaceutical industry, plastics and insect resistance, epidemics, industrial fabrics, rayon and synthetic leather.

Can not be compensated for the chemical factories such abundance, it is the raw material for these industries. But we humans Snjhz by burning this wealth (chemical) value is stored underground during the period of less than two centuries of world history.
We have to stop this waste and the Paradise of the human, and it raised the price of oil and use the right Butrotna stored.

Arabs and the rest of the country in the world are not the officials that the United States consumes a stockpile of oil in this high rate, and this terrible waste where the United States consumes about a quarter of global production alone, which consumes 4% of the world's population about a quarter of global production.
It is no wonder that the end of U.S. production of oil, maybe in 10-20 years to come (see U.S. production of oil the top of Hubbert's theory).

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In 2050 there was no oil in the world as a whole

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