Teething, the emergence of teeth

Teething occurs when the first baby teeth begin to appear across the Allttin. Although the timing is very different, the appearance of teeth in most children start at age 6 months ago. The teeth are Alomamytan Ambasslitan (Alqataan Alosttiyan bottom two), the first teeth usually appear, followed by teeth Alomamytan Alaleutan (Alqataan Alosttiyan both front).
Common signs and symptoms of teething include

Drooling, which may begin about two months before the appearance of the First Age.
Nervousness or restlessness.
Allttin swelling.
Chewing hard things.

The relationship between teething and fever and diarrhea

There is a controversy between the different medical schools around the relationship

Some researchers believe that teething does not cause heat or diarrhea, or any other problems outside the mouth and Allttin.

Other studies have recorded a slight rise in temperature of some of the children
The third view, believed that the period of teething child to make an urgent need for biting things that may not be clean or sterile, it becomes vulnerable to germs, starting with diarrhea.
However, all studies agree that a fever or severe diarrhea and evidence of the existence of a medical problem not related to teething in itself, and requires a doctor visit

Treatment of teething pain

If the disturbing appearance of the teeth when your child, consider these simple tips:

Rub your baby's gums: Use a clean finger, moistened or screen, or a soft, damp towel to massage the gums of your baby. Pressure may reduce the discomfort of your child.
Give the child Edadh teeth. Try one made of solid rubber. The other type is full of fluid has broken under the pressure of biting the child. If you see that breastfeeding inadequate, fill it with water. However, the long-term friction with sugar as a result of breast milk or juice may cause tooth decay.

Keep the cooler Allttin may be a cold towel or biter cold soothing the gums. But, do not give the child Edadh frozen. Valahtkak excessive cold could harm the child and bother him more than help him. If your child eats solid foods, give him things like apple sauce or yogurt.
Dried saliva fluid: Valsalan excessive saliva is part of the process of emergence of teeth. To prevent sensitive skin, keep in a clean towel handy to dry your baby's chin. And let the child sleep on absorbent cloth.

Be careful with the appearance of teeth that drugs can rub directly on the gums of the child. Valdoa may disappear by the saliva of the child before they have the opportunity to influence it. Many of the drug may numbs your throat, which impedes the reaction has vomiting.

Contact your doctor

If your child suffered from a fever, or seems very upset, or to detect signs and symptoms of illness. The problem may be something other than the appearance of the teeth.

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Common signs and symptoms of teething include

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