Damage to the genetic mutation of micro-organisms

Dr Majd Jratla

The seriousness of the genetic mutation through genetic mutations and Genetic mutation of micro-organisms is equivalent to the seriousness of extinction? It is a grave mistake to say that all the genetic change to these objects is nothing but a natural progression? Billions of microorganisms, which was formed millions of years ago in a harmonious environment is not visible Invisible living environment was the most affected and those affected by climate change and environmental pollution that we experience all of us, began millions of them in the genetic change and some of them began to erode, and of them have disappeared and this will damage the great directly or indirectly to humans and all living organisms and the environment and the most frightening consequences is the emergence of new diseases from micro-organisms genetically modified?

In fact, one could view it with the naked eye serious effects of climate change and environmental pollution on many organisms, such as "human, animals, birds and plants," but can not see those effects on the trillions of microorganisms beneficial and harmful and invisible? Though we can control-oriented genetic mutations which are made by experts in their labs, it will not be able to control Genetic mutations Genetic mutation and random that occur in nature and which are now out of control?

The genetic mutation of micro-organisms Microorganisms' Genetic mutation is one of the largest environmental disasters invisible, which produces a result of climate change is a result of severe global warming and acid rain .. Or radioactive contamination resulting from the experiences and activities and nuclear reactors and nuclear waste and disasters in addition to chemical pollution resulting from oil pollution and its derivatives, or from toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers and waste of factories and cities.

The consequences are visible to both climate change and pollution are exacerbated in key aspects of the two extinct organisms and cost-fiction of climate change with an increasing proportion of endangered species than twenty percent to more than five and thirty percent, while expected to lead the financial consequences of climate change to move beyond GDP in the whole world by the year 2080.

As for the invisible consequences will be more severe? Has resulted in environmental pollution which hit the "air, water, soil" to the harm and the significant damage of all micro-organisms beneficial from the harmful and that spread in all parts of the world without exception, and that live around us and in our fields and the water we drank, or that live far away in the hot springs, oceans and seas salt, and ice poles and ponds with high acidity, and openings volcanic, and radioactive waste in the depths of the earth, and under the sea, and the sawmill in any other place on earth and to find out the intensity of these organisms must know that one gram of natural soil contains about 40 million bacterial cells and that one "millimeter" of natural freshwater contains about one million bacteria.

Among the most serious those consequences is the effect of the long range of micro-organisms which are most dangerous to human health, a group "bacteria and viruses," which attributed it to append to many diseases and serious epidemics shared between humans and animals, which are numerous and diverse, including bacterial diseases, such as salmonella, brucellosis, anthrax, tuberculosis, yellow fever, including viral diseases such as influenza, rabies, Rift Valley fever and West Nile fever and inflammation of the brain. Including parasitic diseases such as tapeworms and toxoplasmosis (Toxoplasma), and leishmaniasis, and scabies, including fungal diseases such as favus or ringworm, and experts expect Global to increase the unity of human infection with these diseases during the next two decades due to the emergence of novel causes of disease were not known previously unknown and that it will "mutate genetically "The new disease strains have the ability to move a serious epidemic of animal or bird to human, and examples of these diseases, mad cow disease, SARS and avian flu and swine flu and the resurgence of tuberculosis, Rift Valley fever.

A good concrete example is the return of bacteria Escherichia coli "E. COLI" deadly vegetables, which caused panic and terror in the 12 European countries and forms of new genetic materials, such as the pattern of "any HEC" in the power of secreted high toxins and resistance to common antibiotics has changed the bacteria genetically four times. In the beginning of the discovery was a great influence on children only, and then increased the severity of her to catch Aldharrbalbaghein and now the impact on adults and women.

And confirms the research this is what was already on the ground recently on the issue of genetic change that right "bacteria Arabists coli" These bacteria are naturally present in the human body and specifically in the colon in limited numbers, and if the amount of these bacteria, they cause some intestinal disorders such as diarrhea But in general, these non-lethal bacteria. But how do these bacteria have caused several recent incidents of deaths in many European countries?

What has happened is the emergence of "new breed" the most powerful and deadly than the bacteria of origin, which resulted from mutations in genes Genetic mutation and Agdhu reason leading to these mutations is due to changes that have taken place in the system of agriculture and engineering of agricultural crops and the use of large amounts of fungicides and insecticides toxic chemicals at rates high concentration, which has put pressure on environmentally different from the nature of her life and this led to change the theme of natural and genetic bacteria "Arabists and E. coli," and caused its development and thus became the bacteria different carrying toxins unknown did not recognize it in many of the deaths that occurred in the world so that we can resist and deal with treatment serum or appropriate.

The cause of this disaster, which claimed the lives of dozens of deaths are absurd in the nature of micro-organisms, any bacteria naturally be weak and consists of a single cell, but its nature changed easily to the more powerful and often aggressive and therefore difficult to control?
Also applies to the genetic change observed in the avian flu.

As well as in Ebola haemorrhagic fever Ebola Hemorrhagic a viral disease caused by a virus (Abpola Ebola). He is one of the most deadly viral diseases, where the disease leads to the deaths of about 50-90% of clinical cases. And was discovered in 1976 in forest Africa and Asia. I have been scientific characterization of the virus in the regions of Sudan and the western equatorial and neighboring Zaire in 1976 and then was isolated a new type of genetically modified virus called (Ebola Reston 1 Ebola-Reston) in 1989-1990.

I also want to add a proof different from the mutation genetic-winning micro-organisms through environmental pressures Cairo is the emergence of resistance of many microorganisms, including bacteria to antibiotics, which appear in two ways namely natural selection, or a genetic mutation, the effect of the antibiotic is a pressure Environmentally the bacteria, although mutations that will appear later in some bacterial cells make them survive the effect of the antibiotic, then, move this feature to future generations that will be characterized by being fully resistant to treatment with antibiotics.

The examples are many and can not restrict the features that characterize micro-organisms of the speed of vulnerability and their life cycle, rapid and complications of genetic connection between them and natural selection all will get worse and contributes to the emergence of new diseases from micro-organisms genetically modified through the development later in the environmental conditions of Cairo and will threaten us We are human beings with other living things at any moment??

Micro-organisms useful and important part of our planet Earth:

You must Annzer to micro-organisms as evil or wrong, it is necessary a useful part of the design of the planet we call home. It is essential to human life, animals and plants. And offers many services and benefits the many and important and every day we find new people to the benefits of it and find more ways to use it.

The following is a summarized overview of some of the benefits and importance of micro-organisms:

Contribute to micro-organisms in the manufacture of the oxygen we breathe and the many types of bacteria have a symbiotic relationship with humans Many types of bacteria that live in the human intestine to help digestion and synthesis of vitamins. There are bacteria that prevent yeast infections in humans and bacteria play an important role in recycling waste and decontamination and convert organic matter into nutrients that benefit plants and recycling of nutrients in the soil and increase soil fertility as they play an important role in biological control and provide natural protection against plant pests in farmers' fields, and contributes to many of the food industry, and in the production of antibiotics, there are many drugs that are produced industrially by microorganisms and is considered the most important antibiotics produced by bacteria, fungi, since the discovery of penicillin for the successful treatment of many bacterial diseases such as tuberculosis, cholera, syphilis, meningitis Examples of antibiotic-producing (penicillin, streptomycin, poly Maxin, cephalosporins, erythromycin).

Also used the micro-organisms also in the production and adaptation of a number of human hormones, which in turn are used as drugs such as insulin and growth hormone and steroids are different, such as cortisone which is used as anti-inflammatory as well as the hormone estrogen and progesterone which are used in drugs to prevent pregnancy and work is underway using the techniques of genetic engineering and the use of biotechnology on the use of Microbiology in the manufacture of vaccines against some incurable diseases such as hepatitis and foot and mouth disease that affects sheep and cattle. Is the production of some types of vitamins in large quantities by industrial microorganisms used as types of bacteria and pseudomonas bacteria propionibacterium for the production of vitamin B12 and mushrooms ASHBYA in the production of vitamin B2 vitamin C either using Vintage types of bacteria to the genus ACETOBACTER


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