Bad Breath: Causes and home treatment methods

Your mouth may be the same reason the smell of bad breath Bad breath. Break-up of food particles and other residues as a result of bacterial accumulated on your teeth may cause an unpleasant smell, and the other reasons behind bad breath

1. Dry mouth, as happens during sleep or after smoking, dead cells accumulate and decompose on your tongue, and Ttic, and soles of the cheeks, causing the smell.
2. Foods containing oils, or those with a strong odor, such as onions and garlic, may lead to the same crap.
3. Gum disease
4. Accumulation of food between the teeth as a result of negligence in oral and dental health
5. Infection in the throat
6. Sinus infection
7. Cleft palate
8. Intestinal worms
9. Disorders of the stomach, such as gastritis and constipation
10. Bad breath may be opposed to a disease, such as lung disease or diabetes or liver failure.
Treatment of bad breath at home

The following steps may help to improve bad breath:

- Brush your teeth after eating: Keep a toothbrush at work to clean your teeth after eating. Be sure to clean your teeth twice a day at least, for a period of two to three minutes each time.

- Clean your tongue: rub your tongue in a gentle way to get rid of dead cells and bacteria and food residues. Use a toothbrush or soft flexible abrasive tongue. Try cleaning your tongue in the rear as much as possible because the bacteria tend to accumulate in the back of your mouth.

- Use floss every day: Vtnziv as dental floss should remove food particles between your teeth and plates.

- Clean dentures artificial: as you put a bridge or in part or in full kit of the teeth, Venzvh well at least once every day or as directed by the dentist.

- Avoid strong foods that cause horrible breath. This includes onions, garlic and spicy pepper. Froaúh these types of foods last for a long time is usually in your mouth.

- Drink plenty of water to keep your mouth wet: Be sure to consume plenty of water, not coffee or soft drinks or alcohol.

- Chew gum or mint:. Chewing gum or sucking candies free of sugar helps the secretion of saliva, and removes food particles and bacteria, but if you suffer from chronic drought in the mouth, may prescribe by your doctor or dentist solution saliva artificial or medication is covered through the mouth to stimulate saliva flow.

- Chew fresh parsley: chewing parsley can improve bad breath temporarily.

As a tried these methods and still hated yourself, you should take the initiative to visit the doctor.


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