Toothache due to dental caries

Tooth decay is the main cause of dental pain.
And bacteria that live in the mouth, multiplies strongly with sugars and starches in your food, and these bacteria adhere to sticky surface plate teeth.

Consists of acid that causes decay in the plate, and attacks the outer shell (enamel) to your teeth. And erosion caused by the plate causes the tiny holes (cavities) in the surfaces of the teeth.
The first sign of decay may be a pain when you eat something sweet, or very cold or very hot.
Toothache often refers to the need to visit the dentist to examine your teeth.

Tooth decay can occur more quickly in people who suffer from dry mouth, or people who consume a lot of soft drinks or sports drinks, or suck hard candy or cough tablets, or people who eat plenty of foods rich in sugars, or people who abuse methamphetamine .
Interim home care

To be able to visit the dentist, try these tips in self-care to help alleviate dental pain:

• Eat the common pain relievers.

• Place sterile contains Abannzukain directly on the age at which Talmk and gums. The numerator direct clove oil may be helpful.
• Do not place aspirin or another pain reliever directly on the gums, because you may burn the gum tissue.

• Clean all the good parts of the mouth using warm water, including your teeth, do not avoid the painful area.

• Use toothpaste your teeth sensitive.

• Avoid foods or drinks hot or cold or sweet so much that stimulate pain.

Prevention of pain and Tooth Decay

May be a good dental attention the best way to avoid tooth decay and cavities get.

• Brush your teeth at least twice every day - preferably after every meal - the use of toothpaste containing fluoride.
As a can not clean your teeth after eating, try rinsing your mouth water, mouthwash or mouth.

• Use dental floss or interdental cleaner to remove food particles sticking between your teeth.

• Drink water that fluoride added to it. Valflorid added to ordinary tap water helps reduce tooth decay much. But many people today drink bottled water that do not contain fluoride.
Visit to the doctor

Contact the dentist if you experience signs of inflammation, such as:
• tumor
• Pain when chewing
• red gums
• excretion unpleasant taste

Ask for emergency care if they are accompanied with heat pain.


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