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Olive oil increases the beneficial cholesterol in the blood and reduces the percentage of harmful

Plum and apple used in the treatment of rheumatism.

Diabetes a hereditary disease.

Lemon is useful in the treatment of boiling thin.

Thyme addresses the effects of the bite of insects.

Increase the proportion of uric in the blood may be the beginning of infection rheumatism.

Stress and stress causes a diarrhea.

Hardening of the arteries leading to high blood pressure and blood clots.

Negatively affect eating onions on sexual ability.

Lack of phosphorus in the body causing mental stress and reduces the ability to focus.

Address the lack of appetite with onions and garlic

Consumption of olive oil frequently cause cancer

Excessive consumption of oranges may lead to stomach ulcers

UV protect against skin cancer

High blood pressure sometimes leads to a bleeding nose

Increasing the proportion of alcohol in the body to a weak heart

Hepatitis is a contagious disease

Garlic protects from flu

Too much coffee is harmful to patients with heart disease and gout

Cow's milk the best milk taken from animals in general

Addresses the finger paronychia finger head that is placed in the open grain of lemon.

Honey bees to help speed wound healing

Enlarged prostate because of urinary retention

Cumin is harmful to women breastfeeding

Basil oil is used in the treatment of asthma and whooping cough

Indigestion more than the pain of rheumatism

The task of lymph nodes to defend the body against microbial invasion.

Milk contains all the vitamins.

Gout is caused by increased uric acid in the blood of no concern to him by inheritance.

Bananas can help to lower blood pressure

Massage with castor oil is useful in the treatment of sprained foot or wrist

Orange peel paste on the head is useful in the treatment of headaches

Olive oil treated hair

There is no cure for arthritis crucial

Noise and high sounds to negatively affect the ear only

Inflammation of the bladder is not related to inflammation of the urethra

Low percentage of urea in the blood cause kidney failure

The most important days in the first two days of breast-milk which contains antibodies to disease and bacteria.

Dates to consider and keep strengthens the optic nerve

Breastfeeding helps the uterus return to normal quickly.

Do not try eating foods with milk protein strong

Parsley treated respiratory distress, irritability, nervous system.

The amount of nicotine in a cigarette in 2 is sufficient to kill human

Works as an alarm to the movement of dates and the strength of uterine contraction during childbirth

Stress causes insomnia

Inflammation of the tonsils can cause inflammation of the total

Red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen to body cells and carbon dioxide output
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