Dangerous pet at home

Keen a lot of people on the acquisition of pets in their homes, either to love and severe Oalam animals, or perhaps a matter of imitating others without the awareness of the extent of responsibility of caring for these animals and their requirements, from a cat or more to a dog or more, or both together in one house or pet birds , and the turtle, or even the kind favored by some of the white mice

As a result, diseases and allergic symptoms and abnormal health Thiarham and wonder why, why, while moving in front of them day and night that shares their lives, what can lead to such domestic animals?

Sensitivity comes at the head of diseases caused by pets, taking into account that the sensitivity is a genetic disease that affects children the type of eczema, rash and urticaria, with preparations for asthma, and many of inflammation in the eyelids and the picture is clearer in children who own a pet at home , due to several factors, either from the animal itself, or from fur or animal secretions. It is the familiar stick children of domestic animals by contact through play and fondling, and therefore the chance of injury to be more sensitive.

There are skin infections transmitted by animals and pets have come from insects that grows in their fur, where the movement of a certain concept of swinging between the bacteria and virus. A contagious thing happens a skin infection is accompanied by a general sensitivity of the skin.
Diseases common among humans and animals:

There are more than 200 diseases shared between humans and animals, danger lies in being more aggressive on the Adamic human diseases.

Can be divided into these diseases, diseases of bacterial, viral, fungal parasites and other causes, and these diseases carried by cats, dogs, pet birds, such as bovine tuberculosis, where the human takes the disease from animals infected, Kmalk disease brucellosis, which is called fever sea or Malta fever.

This latter disease is often transmitted by dogs, causing her abortion rights may suffer as well, and the reason that dogs abortion when you eat the placenta and affecting the secretions in contact with and infect women with abortion.

The disease, the so-called Salmonella food poisoning can cause infection if the bowel was reached by contaminated food, antagonistic, and concentrated microbe that causes the disease in the feces of infected animals. And tell the human may get mud fever dogs that play a role in the transfer of the presence of microbes in the urine of dogs, this microbe has the ability to penetrate the skin and mucous membranes of humans.
There is also the basis of human diseases and pets play a role in the transfer of human beings, such as diphtheria, especially children.

Parasitic diseases:

In addition, there is - a single cell - such as amoeba and Gardia, the longer the animal feces is a source, where gastro-down phase in the urine and feces of these animals and quickly moves to the child by the animal itself.

As it is known that the pet cleans itself after defecation with her tongue, and thus spread the microbe on their bodies and once the child has contact with infected him.

Frameworks and parasitic diseases Altksoblasmozs parasite and the disease grows in the intestines of cats and come out with the feces, and if a pregnant woman arrived quickly infect repeated abortion. And extends the effects of the parasite to cause mental retardation of children born of a mother infected with it.

Also, the most serious diseases affecting the mucous pet worm disease caused by dog ​​tapeworm disease that occurs the so-called hydatidosis, a small worm lives in the dog's stomach and out of their eggs with the feces. If it was human-caused him a bag behind in size from pinhead size to the size of a small child's head inside the human body.

The symptoms vary among people depending upon their location, if found on the liver caused hepatic symptoms, and if found to cause lung allergy symptoms known Mahdtta pulmonary infections. The seriousness of these bags if they went off to play some kind of high sensitivity that can occur death

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