How to fight viral infections?

- The virus is a helix of genetic material (DNA) surrounded by a shell of protein
The viruses can live and survive and reproduce only if you enter a cell.

The B cells manufacture antibodies that attack viruses floating on a temporary basis
With the blood stream (just as do B-cells with bacteria - are described on the subject of how to fight bacterial infections).

Some viruses evade destruction by antibodies and the intervention of the cells.
And killer T cells attack the cells hit by viral infection.
Here, the virus attaches to cell install one or more of its molecules located above the outer surface (like a key into the lock into the notches on the outer surface of the cell.

2 - After the virus to attach to the cell surface, begins to involve itself to the inside.

3 - after the virus enters the cell, begins to cover the disposal of protein.
And moving parts protein to the cell surface, and the genetic material of the virus inside the cell that are either remain idle
And either begin to reproduce.

4 - and realizes that the killer T cell pieces of the virus envelope protein above the cell surface
Exotic materials for the body because these pieces match perfectly with the receptors present on the surface of T cell
Lethal (like a key into the lock "bolt")

5 - and send the helper T cell and near the scene (not as shown) signals
Make killer T cells divide and multiply in number and help in the fight against this cell and other cells infected with the virus.

6 - T cells are the active work of the holes within cells infected with the virus and destroy the virus, which is inside.

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