Do you know how you hear? How do we hear?

- Sound waves issued from the phone.

2 - reflected sound waves through the external ear canal and hit the ear drum.

3 - vibrating eardrum oscillation and then transmitted to the ossicles are tiny middle ear.

4 - send the vibrations to the ossicles cochlea, a member of the worm-like in shape with a shell that we see in the parks are found in the inner ear, where the vibrations moving in a circle.

5 - minute vibrating bristles constitute the cochlea in the auditory nerve signals.

6 - Alahart transmitted via the auditory nerve to the hearing centers of the brain temporal lobe, which is translated here, sounds and voices are recognized as human voices, just as I listened to it over the phone.

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تابعنا عبر الفيس بوك



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