Important tips for women in the house and home ..

Useful book for the housewife

Written by Ahmed Mustafa Fouda

Tips by a comprehensive housewife in

All areas of beauty, cooking and cleaning and decorating the house and others in all areas

Interest to the housewife

2. To remove peel potatoes to facilitate the disarmament of boiled potato peel,
Are placed in water

Cold after maturity directly.

. When you put your burning food Hilla (or the cooking pot) from the fire directly

And Agmséa in cold water until the taste does not hold the Heat to the sound parts of the food and then

Is the transfer of proper food in a bowl and completed the process of maturity.

3. So as not to stick molds ice freezer
Practical and simple solution which is placed a piece of

Plastic or nylon bag underneath.

4. Najaf and to clean the chandeliers
Is scanned with a cloth moistened with warm water with added vinegar.

6. For the treatment of colic
Anise is used boiling,
Emulsion or peppermint, chamomile flowers, or emulsion.

7. Eating meat, meat with vegetables and fresh green salad
.. Or with lemon

Or parsley helps to absorb iron meat and reduce the absorption of some fats

Arteries, and the fibers of these fresh vegetables to absorb toxic substances

Resulting from the digestion of meat, which protects the body from colon harmful effects.

8. Pressure of the shoe narrow,
Forget regions are pressing from the inside with soap by Palmbashrh ravenously.

9. To preserve the sheen of silver
Put your finger from the chalk in the drawer with the silver spoons, forks, knives,
As it helps to absorb moisture.

10. To keep the glitter of cutlery
Are collected and soaked in a little vase of water added to it grated soap and a bit of ammonia.

11. To remove stains and deposits
Which appears between the faience tiles, ceramic kitchen and baths,
Teeth are cleaned with a brush dipped in an old water after bleaching

31. Get rid of tiredness
Eat two lobes of garlic with two tablespoons of honey bees,

41. To maintain the gloss chrome-plated household items
From exposure to steel and wipe the Vaseline material from time to time.

51. To preserve the sheen of copper
Besqlh Bdekh half-cleaned and soaked in lemon, salt, bearing in mind that leaves the lemon juice and salt on the surface of the

Copper tools for several hours before the process of polishing with a soft cloth, dry and clean.

61. Address the scratches that occur on the base of the toilet-and-white surface of the refrigerator White
Purposes and manufacturer of enamel, using the points (Alkerictor) liquid used in the correct words on the typewriter.

71. Add a bit of ammonia to the water wash curtains and cotton, are protected

Of Akarmhh They would be whiter altitude, taking care not to age because the curtains

Distorts its age and beauty affect the fabric.

81. Or gourd (squash) activates the brain cells and has effective

Significant in strengthening the memory. The consumption of red meat frequently leads to aging


91. To clean artificial flowers easily with retention

Blonha and its glory, is exposed to water vapor emitted from the boiling water and then spray then spray

The hair.

02. Stray cats a litter box and leads

Dispersal to the front door of the apartment, and get rid of the harassed is put a little bit of ammonia

Near the mouth of the Fund.

12. To maintain the plants
Added to the soil and ground eggshells as well as boiling water

Eggs (after cooling) because it feeds the soil and act as a natural fertilizer. 22. To prevent squeaks

Doors to paint the hinges, thick layer of petroleum jelly.

32. Embolism, which occurs in iron steam holes can be

Treatment and that Bmlye Khozanha vinegar, a hot (after removal of the chips) and is then rinsed

Filled with water again.

42. To remove the ink stains on rugs or carpets
The place is covered with salt immediately spot ..

And left to absorb the ink and then completely leveled teaspoon salt and repeat if necessary and then

Survey spot where the half-lemon that remains is absorbed.

52. The best way to irrigate ornamental plants
Is to fill the pot with water and left 24

Hours before watering the plant until the water gets rid of chlorine because it is located in the increase in chlorine

Harm the water leaves the plant and change the color of green leaves.

62. To avoid insomnia
Soak oats in pure alcohol for a long time, and then be taken up 20 points

With a little hot water before bedtime.

72. For dental pain
Can put two lobes of garlic mashed the teeth that the pain

Massage the injured tooth and ginger.

82. Masab if your child has a wound to the dirty

His clothes not washed his clothes with hot water, because that would help

To install the best spots of blood and washed with cold water and soap with the addition of bleach to the water

Water washing.

92. Fatty spots that appear on the clothing as a result of scattering of some food
, Can be disposed

Panther of the amount of powder "talc" place spot.

03. Place to get rid of the old pagan dress
(If Maerdt lengthen the dress), action "Tendeh" place a wet sponge to cut Tuck vinegar.

13. To give the flavor of fresh bait
Of milk powder you can add corn

Salt it.

23. To get rid of the smell of garlic and onion from your hands
Do the "rubbing"

Hands Btfl coffee. Mouth and eating parsley stalks green.

33. To the cohesion of mallow mallow when cooking and the lack of separation from the soup and to ensure

Cohesion not added a teaspoon of coffee to it.

43. To preserve the aroma and flavor of ghee
Added a cup of yogurt and then lift

To the fire to boil for ten minutes with constant stirring.

53. Ping to test the powder can be
Add a little of it into the water, if it be the latest Forana

Valid either if this reaction occurs it indicates the expiry date.

63. Alibovtic chip to lubricate the stomach of Xi,
Added a few

Rtkha vinegar to it and for several hours prior to the firing process.

73. To break up kidney and bladder stones
Drinking herb leaves are gravel

Gum boiled, as it helps in the secretion of bile and gallstones is not configured and helps

Also in the process of digestion.

83. Gravel chewing gum
Working to increase the secretions of the stomach and helps strengthen digestion

And the expulsion of gases and appetite, and drink soaked it addresses the cough and useful in the treatment of

Chest diseases and is an effective treatment to stop bleeding of the stomach and prevent the spread of the sores.

93. Frequent exposure to the sun wrinkles appear, especially when women
, And the best time of exposure

The sun is in the morning and a few periods.

04. For the treatment of sore throat and tonsils
Is eating a tablespoon of honey 3 times a day, then work

Gargle with water mixed with a spoon apple cider vinegar and drenched pomegranate peel, honey and alum.

14. To feed the leaves of the plant
This is done to pass through them a piece of cotton soaked with milk

And water, because it gives them a definite food.

24. The best way to irrigate plants to be
Basic Hraratha degree water and not

Cold water because cold water hurt plants severely damaged. The water can boil eggs

Benefit from it at that as well as soft drinks after the end of a private bubbles

Ships father, who is given to transplant vital.

34. Outstanding plants are exposed to the sun at the start of growth for a short time, it helps

On the speed of growth.

44. For the treatment wilt plant is covered with a plastic bag on the form in which it is used

In greenhouses and for several days, the plant will begin to return to the state of prosperity of the times


54. If Matardt shoes wet as a result of its involvement in the rain water,

Newspapers are filled with paper (free from Koranic verses) to absorb moisture and also

To maintain the natural shape of the shoe.

64. If you notice before the boiled eggs that one or two of it

Musharuchh or more, added lemon juice to boiling water or wrapping the egg broken record

Paper foil.

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