Sayings and the rule of Egyptian women

Anis Mansour, says at the beginning of his book, "they said," the famous: these terms are not only a kind of thorny sequins tried to decorate it a woman's body.
These phrases indicate the opinion .. Do not pretend that this view is right, there is no opinion of all right and there is no view of the whole error .. In it a lot of honesty and a lot of fun .. It is a whole fruit and the sweetness of the seeds and peel. What was written by Mansour for women?
- The harshest punishment for a woman to get rid of a man who does not love him!
- Women do not have a principle .. They are either over or under the principles principles!.
- No matter what trouble women, they are less than our troubles, is not their wives as men!
- Women are very tolerant, it's a blind eye to one of your weaknesses are, and you see the other eye!
- The wedding is a funeral smell the scent of flowers for yourself!
- You risk your husband to be treated like his mother, his mother has left for you!
- Look at your fingers when the accused person, if one finger to indicate this man and four suggest to you you!
- When you love a woman to its advantages, this is not love .. But when you love despite its flaws, this is love!.
- In the war law says each site surrounded by acquaintances nor any help from abroad, to surrender his fate as well as women!
- A lie: the winter sun, laughter and love of enemies, women!
- It is not clear that the difference between civil and savage: If you put women's earrings in her nose was a primitive .. and if you put two in her ear was civilized.
- Women prefer to surrender to the man who forces her, not for the man who convinces her!
- If you find a woman talk about her husband and calls the beauty and perfection, know she is the widow .. Women do not like fruit only after it dries!.
- Is a diplomat who remembers the birthday festival of women and forgets her age!.
- Men prefer love marriage, because the most interesting stories from the history books!
- Kalkmsara my wife when I see I put my hand in my pocket!
- Tuberculosis once before going to war, and twice before you travel by sea and three by your marriage!
- Without our young women become dry, and Rjultna empty, and no incidents Hijuchtna painful!
- Do not apologize to a woman for any error, because you will remain even if the accused then knew Badk thousand men!
- A woman and behind every great, as the land is low and behind every mountain!
- We must recognize that without women to men smashed each other, they are Kalakec that we put between the Chinese dishes!
- Marriage is the coolest thread connecting the two in order to eliminate them!
- Written on her tomb: Here lies my wife is at peace and I am too!
- Woman came out of the man, not from his head to control it, not from his feet to expect, but one of his sides in order to be next to him, and under his arms in order to be protected, and near his heart to be loved!
- Desert: Do not you have friends
- Love and friendship rarest of rare
- Political Kalpdaúy shares used thin soft .. But toxic!.
- Do not throw mud, one, he hit a target could be in error, but it definitely would befall your hands!
- Marriage is a company made up of Mr and Mrs and two slaves, total: two always!
- Work .. work .. if there is no hope of success!
- Happiness to live for some time and laugh most of the time and loves all the time and not to believe this statement!
- Beautiful in the light of the candles is not beautiful in the sunlight.
- Afraid of love, which is thinner than the hated.
- Mother of the child rearing and breeding the man his wife!.
- It is very difficult to be a fair man with the likes of!
- If you want to be you friend so be a friend
- Silence does not hurt Valofuah closed without access to dirt!
- The most difficult thing in the world is to know as much as yourself .. the easiest thing in the world is to advise others!
- You choose the beginning of love, but I'm not who you finish it!
- I know of now is more the enemies of your friends you after that.
- Tax paid by the fear of conscience for his mistake.
- Love does not kill anyone, but attaches between life and death.
- Freaks are what make the longest midget short people.
- To respect you love her .. To avoid by not Ahtof.
- Marital life as an act of power need to be four: prodigal to put oil and vinegar to put skimpy, and balanced to put salt, Hamatk Tbtha to all!
- It Adiba instincts that she did not publish your books on your cooperation, but Tnscherk you!
- I love such as immunization protects us from the troubles of love the second!
- I know you from the things that laugh out!.
- Better for the husband to wake up all night than to sleep with the puck!.
- A long journey from the darkness of the womb into the darkness of the grave .. this is our life!
- Younger sister of love called friendship, but wiser and more durable!
- True love: to love only person who can make you miserable!.
- Respect the past and present, watch out for if Art for you to have a future.
- The world does not owe us have something God created us.
- The dream of love and marriage and the fact that we plan our lives between the two.
- Friendship is love, but without the wings!
- Museibtan in our lives to live without love and love!
- Friendship, some sacrifice, sacrifice and love most of all sacrifice and marriage friendship and love!
- Love measles should Tsaibna once at least, whenever we were at a later age was the hardest!

Egyptian writer Anis Mansour
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