The citizen and the law, the lawyer .. Defined rights and duties

Legal profession, career-Semitism, because it is a message routing, guidance and aid, they help the weak and oppressed, and the rescue of the right holder digested.
One of the oldest messages,
Because it is aimed at achieving justice among the people, the land of justice and fairness of the sky. It is a way for the happiness of creation, and raise the level of community and strengthen the construction. Law, an ancient such as the judiciary, glorious Calfdalh, are essential such as justice, a lawyer devotes his life to public service without being a slave to him, and the legal profession make one a noble, a senior without the need for the title, and for the profession, and Ohgaha, because the creativity and innovation and impose on the lawyer that its values ​​possess, and gives all his time, and do not let him time to rest, because he recruited himself to the service of truth and justice

 If the legal profession in this sacred, and the capacity, if the lawyer who is patron of this holy vocation. Must have a lawyer ready prepared mentally and spiritually, and morally to carry his message to the best of the High Commissioner, but not in the word justice in honest truth, and should be characterized by wisdom, courage, chastity and justice

 He must be a master of law, and familiar with the various sciences and arts, and he has to follow the provisions of the courts and the doctrine and jurisprudence, because the law greets art expands its scope of application and diligence in the interpretation and interpretation. And judicial principles issued by the High Courts in different degrees of food is fruitful in the intellectual development of justice and the laws and by approaching from the right. And the lawyer of his attributes, the Secretariat of absolute, complete, courage and integrity, in full and lasting fidelity. It is these virtues won behooves him to proceed in the way of the legal profession. According to the text of Article I of the Act No. 39 of 08.21.1981 containing the history of the organization of the legal profession published in the Official Gazette Issue No. 33 of 1981 Page 1681: «The legal profession of free scientific thought, its mission to cooperate with the judges to achieve justice, and defense the rights of clients in accordance with the provisions of the law »and compose lawyers working in the Syrian Arab Republic and registered in the table of the union, one union, based in Damascus, has a legal personality and financial autonomy, and the person to be exercised this profession to have his name registered in the register of advocates, may not be the courts and government departments to accept his agency unless his name is not registered in this table. According to the text of Article IX of the law regulating the legal profession, No. 93 of 1891 stipulated that those who ask lawyers registered in the table of the following conditions: First, to be fully competent. Second

The holder of degree in law from one of the Syrian Arab universities, or equivalent. Third: The horseshoe is fifty years of age unless the practice has already legal profession or the judiciary for not less than seven years. If the applicant has exceeded the age of five and forty years of age it does not meet the pension charges, does not benefit from the provisions of the law of retired lawyers. Fourth, be an Arab Syria since at least five years, except for citizens of Arab countries on condition of reciprocity. Fifth, a good biography that inspires confidence and with due respect for the profession. Sixth, not convicted of any criminal penalty. Seventh, not convicted of any penalty for the offense incompatible with the duties of the profession and dignity. Eighth: his name is erased from a trade union for some reason a disciplinary or non-insulated, or expelled from the state functions for some reason, compromise the security of the State, or privilege of employment. Ninth: a resident of the effective and permanent in the center section which requests recording his name in it. X. is infected with an incurable would exacerbate that makes him unable to practice law. We are following this issue in the search next

By the lawyer and adviser Rashid date
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