Low vision in children, causes and solutions

Some parents hesitate to many doctors complaining of double vision in their hands and not being able or vision, and often does not exceed the complaint being the concern of parents Redaahm but may become a thing of concern to the truth.

On this subject, here is the meeting conducted by the magazine Al-Watan Clinic with Dr. Muttalib Albhbhana Consultant Ophthalmology

What natural evolution for the consideration of the human from birth to puberty?

The child at birth to be able to divert his eyes to the light, and turn his eyes to the light source, and the pupil responds when exposed to light and blink of the eye as well as exciting the same note that the power of vision are estimated to be 240 / 6
It is also natural to note Hula intermittent (ie, the eyes do not Akunan parallel at all times)

By the first month to the second child is able to focus on the face of the mother, for example, and even follow-up eyes and become more balanced with each other or less degree the previous year has passed but it does not necessarily disappear, and estimated the degree of vision here 180 / 6 to 90 / 6

From 3 to 6 months the child is able to install and follow-up small objects (such as the face and not much in the previous period), and the eyes become parallel (ie, there is about) and the estimated strength of B 18 / 6 to 6 / 6

Thus, the power of vision and control of strabismus at birth to be an acceptable degree, but not non-existent at the age of two months and become a good and at the age of 6 months must be excellent, excellent or any consideration about. Therefore if a child came out of this arrangement, it may be a reflection of this problem to consider review and become a specialist doctor is obligatory.

Are there signs of taking all parents make the doctor?

Yes, with the knowledge that this is not a call to wait is better to always review to make sure your doctor, but this outline is as follows

- The existence of a clear imbalance in the eye or eyes in addition to the fact that the child does not see, for example:

1. The presence of opacity in the eye
2. A tremor or vibration
3. About the existence of the highly intermittent and non-
4. Prove the child look to one side all the time
5. Prove the child to look only for the lighting time
6. The child's eyes Bdek continuously (do not mean itching of the eye)
7. The eye is not fixed in one place

- The presence of general problems of the child to add to the suspicion that he does not see, either with or before or after birth, for example:
1. The presence of spasms in children
2. Lack of oxygen at birth
3. Delay in the growth of the child
No grants to wait here because of weakness may be the result of the general situation of the child

- The existence of cases of hereditary weakness of view and in the family, as the baby is suffering from weakness in the consideration of his condition may be linked to a big sister or cousin who suffered from a similar case, note that cases of genetics not all be as severe as or appearing at the same time

Does the weakness of the children for when adults or adults?

Yes, and in a number of answers in terms of causes, treatment, and partial results, but the fundamental and most important is the term known as Amblyopic or laziness or inactivity, a concept that exists only when you talk about the weakness of the children to the age of seven or nine at most.
To understand this idea, it is necessary to clarify the basic idea is that the development of a continuous process at the level of the backbone of the eye and vision center the brain even after birth, and continues to the age of seven or nine, and any weakness of consideration during this critical stage will lead to an imbalance in the evolution of the level of the vision center in the brain, and this imbalance if continued to the period but not exceeding weeks will lead to what is known as laziness or inactivity so that weakness continue to consider, even if we removed one cause of low vision, where the brain may be due to the level of the weak (lazy). And treatment of this laziness need to activate the lazy eye cover eye sound for a certain period after the removal of the first causes of the weakness of the matter.

What causes of low vision in children?

Many of them do not differ in substance from what the adults, but differ in the ratio, for example, White Water is a major cause of low vision in older people, but not as well as in children, but it is still an important cause.
And generally can be divided into the causes of low vision in children as follows:

- Refractive errors (myopia, the length of view, astigmatism), which requires medical treatment of glasses

- Squint, as it usually happens in the lazy eye deviant
- Defects and diseases of the eye, for example, the opacity of the cornea, opacities in the lens of the eye, defects in the retina, all of which may be caused by congenital defects, eye infections, injuries

- General illness of the child and lead to weakness of the eye, for example, meningitis, lack of oxygen at birth, diseases of the nervous system of public
- A hereditary disease in the family, note that these diseases do not appear in all generations the same degree or intensity, as well as the emergence of these genetic diseases varies, some of them appear at birth and other stage shows and other Zvolh at puberty, and so

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