Hair loss in males

Hair loss in males

The hair is more vulnerable than other effects, neurological, hormonal and genetic diseases and other fevers without other parts of the body hair, and some areas of the scalp more vulnerable than others. Either to increase its response to the impact of hormones on hair follicles note, or for reasons not known exactly. For example, Introduction to the scalp in males are often devoid of hair after puberty, so-called this type of precipitation, "male pattern baldness."

Causes of hair loss in males

There are many reasons for hair loss in males, and these reasons may be known and can be determined, including what could not only knowledge tests and laboratory tests and other type of precipitation can not determine the cause of it.

And we mentioned the issue of women's hair loss some of the reasons that lead to hair loss in general, and these factors cause the same result in males as well.
I will here some of the causes precipitation of males and the types of baldness.

Male pattern baldness

Begin this type of hair loss on both sides of the front of the head
And this will continue creeping back, leaving the areas of hair loss may continue to rainfall, with less area covered by hair, and sometimes lose most of the hair at the age of twenty-fifth. Although this may not be safe from the risk of loss the rest of the hair, but the situation is stabilizing and often rainfall is delayed beyond forty.

Statistics indicate that 25% of males suffering from a case of baldness by the age of twenty. And 50% suffer from it after the age of fifty. And 60% of males suffering from advanced stages of baldness after the age of fifty-

Male baldness occurs gradually and may continue this process for many years. In the meantime solve the hair is light pale color of the area free of hair, but does not continue this type of hair for a long time, it does not soon and to fall further, leaving the smooth hair-free completely due to the atrophy of hair follicles that are no longer able to configure the hair naturally.

The main reason for male pattern baldness is genetic factors. It must be a person willing to Jenny that such a type. Thus, baldness does not affect all children infected with bald father, it may not appear only in the successive generations to affect a limited number of male and accompanied by an increase in the secretion of hormones note.

Therefore does not appear this kind of baldness in people who were uprooted testicles for one reason or another, or between those who develop testicular atrophy or as a result of diseases that lead to cirrhosis of the testicles together, such as mumps disease or injury. This is due to a lack of hormonal secretions note in such cases.

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