Those who complain of lethargy, laziness and sleep too much I want to increase the activity and vitality (and recipes Bonfire)

Here these drinks beneficial Chalk vibrant and address inactivity and laziness, sleep too much:

1 - milk:

Drink a glass of milk in the morning and can sweeten with honey.

2 - Lemon:

Cut 3 of the lemons and then boiled in water, shown natural honey and drink it warm cup a day.

3 - orange peel:

Taken and dried orange peel rate of two tablespoons of ground for each cup of water, boil and then cool down and drink.

4 - natural pineapple juice.

5 - natural orange juice.

6 - Juice tangerines (Tangerines)


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marsy the good masd

غير معرف في : 17 ديسمبر 2011 6:28 م يقول...

very nice

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