Mixtures and tips to strengthen hair and prevent hair loss

- Mix castor oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil and applied to the hair.

- Mix onion juice, watercress juice, olive oil, cumin powder and used painter.

- According to peel boiled garlic and mix with olive oil and applied to the hair.

- Mixing with juice, onion juice, watercress evenly with a little alcohol dissolved Vij juice, garlic, and applied to the hair.

- Boil the patience in the olive oil and applied to the hair.

- Grinding paper dried figs and add to hot olive oil with a little rose water and rub their scalp once daily.

- Mixing equal Mekdaran of watercress juice and pure alcohol with a little rose water and rub their scalp once daily.

- The work of a mixture composed of {10 grams of Vaseline oil +25 g castor oil +5 grams pine fragrance oil +75 g alcohol white +3} g violet fragrance and massage this mixture and the hair roots.

- The work of a mixture composed of {5 grams of ammonium +15 grams fragrance Alterbntina +100 grams alcohol Eafor} and massage are the roots of the hair.

- According to rub radish juice.

- According to rub watercress juice with rose oil.

- Eat onions with meals.

- Eat a thermos or use boiled water wash.

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((((Keep your hair from graying))))

You will not have beautiful hair if they do not give your body every day food necessary
There can be alive and shiny your hair if it does not deal with the protein, because it feeds and grows hair protein.

What happens to your hair if your diet is lacking in vitamin "A"? The hair becomes rigid and non-fertile

And if you fall short of some vitamins "B", iron, copper or iodine? It falls

If the decreased vitamins "to" the other? ... Accelerate the early gray hair

To obtain a beautiful hair, then follow the perfect diet, do not neglect anything of it.

The effective vitamins to give hair its natural color bald knew three of them, all of the vitamin group "B", namely:

1 - Albantotinic acid and sold as (Bantotinat calcium)
2 - Barra acid - amino - benzoic acid or the Pope
3 - Alaanusitol
And less the amount should be taken from the first ten mg per day and the second hundred milligrams or more, and the third at least to 3000 mg or a large spoon

Fortunately, diabetes Alaanusitol taste delicious, and is not necessary to eat grains, but can be used to sweeten fruit or juice.
Many of the people ate of the type I and II to restore the natural color of their hair has got some good results, and disappointed others, because he can not do without taking the three types together, the better to get them from foods that produce these vitamins three with other types of vitamins "B" and these foods are:

((Yeast wheat beer --- --- liver))

If these three vitamins resistant Shipp also produced in the intestines during digestion of bacteria, yogurt and dairy products.
Do you want to be serious about your hair regain its natural color? Drink of yogurt every day, eat a tablespoon of brewer's yeast before each dish, and add to it the amount of Bantotinatalcalseyoum, and acid p - amino - benzoic acid with a teaspoon of Alanusitol with all the eating.

I have a cut on my followers, a man in the second fifty years of age and his hair all white he followed the system of yogurt and brewer's yeast for six months succeeding in recovering the original color of his hair until his friends started to accuse him of using dyes.

Also likely very bald men can be treated as if it were caused by lack of food has been carried out experiments on animals, and so depriving them of Alaanusitol Vtsaqt and honor her, and what was given him to take action and to honor her is amazing and he was strong, it was noted that the lint in males was faster than in females twice , and this shows the need for males to double what you need females of this article.

The molasses is very rich Pallainusitol this article have been used in several cases of baldness result was rapid, with turquoise, natural hair grow in two months. It can take one teaspoon of molasses at all to eat.

And could follow this recipe and followed by one patient, a man in his forty-sixth to address the weakness and the weakness of his nerves was taking every morning:
Half a cup of wheat, milk and yogurt, honey and one teaspoon of black ............ 3 months have passed and even noticed the emergence of a light fuzz at the edge of his head, which was Salatha shine.


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